Producer, Composer, Creative.

Fred’s selected credits and highlights.

Grand Theft Auto (Target Assault Races Official Trailer)
Grand Theft Auto (Target Assault Races) In Game Score
Showtime’s Shameless (original song license)
Grand Theft Auto (Doomsday Heist Official Trailer)
Grand Theft Auto (Doomsday Heist) In Game Score
Silicon Valley (original song license)

House Of Lies (original song license)
Anthrax – Chile On Hell Concert DVD (creative director, director)
Nike – Fall Look Book (original song license)
Manny James – Good Company music video (director)
Ray Donovan (original song license)
Madea’s Big Happy Family Trailer (original score, song and music)
FS – To The Sky (Spin Magazine’s names FS Most Crucial Drops )
NFL / VISA Julio Dance (original song & score)
Middle Men Trailer (original score)
Teen Wolf (original song license)
Son’s Of Anarchy (original song license)
The Fast & The Furious 6 / Guess campaign (original song license)
Tanqueray Style Sessions (original score, mashup, and remix)
Body Of Proof (original song license)
Lenovo IdeaCentre (original song license)
Lexus Eenie Meenie Miney Go (original song & score)
Aflac Breakdancing Duck (original score)
Pure (game) for xbox 360/playstaion 3 (original song license)
Budweiser (original song license)
Aflac Breakdancing Duck (original score)
Playstation Move Trailer (original score)
Jay-z Duracell Powermat (original score)
FS’s original songs chart # 1 on Beatport electronic charts
Entourage (original song license)

Composer and visual artist The1FS (Grand Theft Auto, Silicon Valley, Ray Donovan) refers to his art as Cognitive Vandalism. The process involves record crate digging, scratching, cutting, and reassembling fragments and chards of multi-media video clips from cultural landmarks along with playing live Hammond organ and bass. His artist’s palate includes vinyl, turntables, modular synths, organ, bass and video decks fed to 50″ HD video screens . The1FS interweaves an audio and visual experience of Cognitive Vandalism rife with iconography and symbolism that can touch upon everything from the vision of Kubrick, the Nintendo Universe, the prophecies of Idiocracy and the arc of Godard. All of this coalesces in a fully immersive live performance that becomes a sonic and visual tapestry that envelopes your consciousness.